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Bethany Foundation

board of directors

  • The Board of Directors consists of nine voting and two non-voting members.

  • There are three classes of three Directors each to allow for term staggering.

  • Each Director term is three years unless a shorter term is necessary to maintain staggering.

  • A Director may succeed him/herself in office one time.

  • After serving two successive terms, a director must relinquish his/her office.

Board of directors

  • Merrily Hartmann, President

  • Jody Donovan, Vice President

  • Joyce Richey, Treasurer

  • Beth Luckenbach, Secretary

  • Lindy Haley

  • Erik Iverson

  • Mike Myers

  • Chase Perry

  • Keith Whited

  • Tim Dahlstrom, President of the Bethany Lutheran Church Congregation (ex officio, non-voting)

  • Pastor Casey Zesch, Sr. Pastor of Bethany Lutheran Church (ex officio, non-voting)

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